Unlocking Tension – Restoring Self-healing

Body Stress Release


Body Stress Release

Welcome to Body Stress Release Pretoria-East with Dina and Joke.

Body Stress Release is a complementary health technique that was pioneered by Ewald and Gail Meggersee. It is a gentle, non-invasive health technique that assists the body with its own ability to heal and maintain itself. The technique locates stress and releases stored tension. Discomfort and pain have many different causes and may manifest in headaches or migraines, tennis elbow or golf elbow, sciatica, back pain, “frozen shoulder” and other conditions.

Do you….

Feel Stressed?
Lack energy & vitality?
Suffer from pain & discomfort?

Freedom from body stress promotes better quality life

– physically
– mentally
– emotionally

Dina’s Story

Chronic headaches were part of my life for many years and I have tried various modalities with only temporary relief. With the turn of the century my knees started playing up. I ended up with a surgeon who prescribed medication and referred me to different modalities. A friend referred me to BSR which I in desperation tried out. After 20 years I still have my own knees and my headaches disappeared. I go to a colleague for regular maintenance to assist my body in maintaining communication and good health. It is just amazing to see the change it brings to people’s lives.

Joke’s Story

My neck and shoulders were very stiff and sore due to long hours behind the computer. I suffered from headaches which lasted for at least three days every week. My husband came across BSR at a business network meeting and suggested I give it a try. After my second session my headaches started disappearing. It triggered my curiosity and I read the BSR website for more information. The technique fascinated me and when the opportunity came my way I went to the academy to study. I receive regular BSR from colleagues and has never suffered from headache again. The change it brings to people’s lives is amazing.

Body Stress Release

What is Stress?

Body Stress is very powerful and can undermine our well-being in many ways. In certain situations the muscles tighten automatically to protect specific areas. Once the stress situation is over the muscles might relax but it can become chronic and manifest in sore shoulders, neck, headaches or even loss smell and taste. You might be aware of tight muscles because the body has come to terms with not feeling 100% at all times. Tight muscles put enormous strain on the communication in the body, undermining the immune system and lead to unnecessary diseases.

Client Testimonials

What They Say

Marie-Louise: My dignity is restored

“After a number of severe falls, the right side of my body started experiencing spasms. I tried various things to straighten my back, but to no avail.

I was introduced to Body Stress Release, and after a few sessions, my body is 90% straight. I can now go shopping on my own again and push my own trolley.”

Linda's experience

After experiencing sciatica for a long time I decided to visit my Chiropractor. After three sessions of trying to help he quietly sat me down and asked why I was harbouring so much tension in my body. I told him briefly about a very traumatic situation following the death of my husband two months prior. He just shook his head and said there’s too much emotion causing me to stay so tense. He referred me to Dina, the BSR practitioner.
From the moment I walked into her practice I felt relaxed and ready to listen to what my own body was telling me! The first two sessions were very relaxing but in between the tension returned, I felt very tearful. During my third session- as Dina gently and quietly worked on my poor back I suddenly (and I don”t say this lightly) felt the heat rush across my lower back. Dina explained the release process that was happening. I felt immediate relief and then literally tearful with thankfulness.
Dina has made me aware of the necessity of listening to my own body.
I am truly thankful of what she has accomplished using BSR

Renate: My baby, my pleasure

“My first baby was a caesarian birth and she cried constantly for the first six weeks. My mom, who is a diligent Body Stress Release supporter, suggested the technique. I was so desperate that I phoned the practitioner immediately. My nightmare vanished after the first session and my baby is now an absolute bundle of joy.”

Jess: The end of my speech problem

“A friend recommended Body Stress Release for my backache. I have stuttered all my life, so I once again stuttered as I told my story to the practitioner. She completed the necessary assessment and told me that my jaw was very tense. She did not only work on my back, but also on my jaw. At home, my husband noticed that I was not stuttering anymore and I have been stutter-free ever since. What a bonus!”

Body Stress Release

Unlocking tension – Restoring self-healing